The Early Professional Years

Foundations of a professional life

Navigating college was hard, but now it's time for real life! You want to make an impact, help your community, be a team player, and earn the most money possible to start paying off loans. Yet, you're lost. Feeling more overwhelmed and stressed than ever. Your parents are pressuring you to figure things out, and you want to scream.  

Does this sound familiar?  Are you wondering how some of your peers landed amazing roles and you haven't? Are you thinking, why not me?  

If you're feeling lost in your job search, need an amazing resume that is ATS friendly and will quickly grab Recruiter's attention, desire a better LinkedIn profile and social media presence, want to ace your next interview, and are wondering how to negotiate the best starting salary, it's time for us to speak!

I am here to help you be your BEST self as you start your journey.  

I've led college recruitment for Fortune 50 firms, and I know what it takes to help you land your perfect job.  

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The early years

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