Ambarish Mehrotra

Before working with Chelle, I really needed to get clarity on my career, to contemplate and discover where my true self would flourish in. I fortunately met Chelle and discovered that we had worked at the same company although not at the same time. We respected a lot of the same people and we clicked immediately.
While working with Chelle, I found an unwavering ally, an unrelenting partner in my quest. Chelle has an innate sense of the unity of the universe, she sees the bigger picture and is passionate about my career in a manner that brings energy to me and belief in my quest. Chelle’s resume writing ability is great because she knows how to say a lot in a few words. She gets networking and the essentials of building a career, she also gets human fallibility and has the patience and humility to get into your shoes and help. She genuinely cares!
As a result, of having Chelle as my career coach I am in a better place than I was and am distinctly better off because I found a friend.

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