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Career Coaching | The Best You Career Advantage

Professional goals that reflect your values and needs


Ultimately, we are the sum of our experiences and we find ourselves at this stage in life with all that is needed to succeed.  Moving forward always raises questions, fears, and challenges. My focus is to manage that change with you so that you are your very BEST self. 

My own life journey has opened many doors and provided amazing insights into the professional world.  It would be an honor to engage those insights and connections for you as we collaborate in defining your own professional momentum.



 For every milestone in your professional life, we provide the resources and the expertise for you to succeed and be your absolute BEST.

We provide expertise on:

  • Discovering Your Professional Mindset

  • Finding Your Best Skills & Competencies

  • Expert and Best You Resume and Cover Letter Services

  • Branding the BEST You on Social Media

  •  Networking for Success

  • Best You Interviewing Techniques

  • Landing the Best Job

  • Best Compensation Strategies


Career Entry

Professional Transitions



The segue between academics to the professional world may seem daunting.  Yet this point in your life is greatest for venturing into new opportunities with sustained momentum and support.  

You are motivated!  Academically Prepared!  Focused!  Yet, you feel lost in your job search, you need a great resume and interview training.

It's time to take the leap, work with a coach, and have a strategy that allows you to be your BEST.

You've been there... taken chances, had some amazing successes, and learned so much.  Yet, change is hard for you.  

You feel like you're stuck in a rut, fearful of losing what you have worked so hard for, but know that things will only change if you do. 

You yearn to be your BEST, authentic and real self, but just need some coaching and focus.  

You've spent a lifetime providing for others, moving up the ladder, performing miracles and providing solutions that had made other's millions.   Now what?  


You've realized that part of your identity is based on what you've done during your career, and your kind of lost as to who you'll be in retirement.  

It's time to focus on one of the biggest transitions of your life, and be your BEST YOU.  

Career Milestones

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